a bolt from the blue

a bolt from the blue
Meaning: unexpected happening; complete surprise.
Example: The sudden uprising in many parts of the country was completely a bolt from the blue for the ministry.

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Author Nitesh writes on 12th May 2017

It is nice as I got sentences on it.

Author Sunil writes on 15th June 2016

Really helpful, thanks.

Author Inoxent Syira writes on 10th September 2015

Really… Help full for me thanks.

Author Manasi writes on 25th June 2015

Thanks for the meaning.

Author Nikita Nirmalkar writes on 24th June 2015

Did not answer my question. This was of no use!

Author Aditya writes on 13th June 2017

Ur rong! Dont mind my English, I tried using slang.

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