a bed of roses

a bed of roses
Meaning: easy option, a comfortable or luxurious position.
Example: She found that taking care of old parents was not a bed of roses.

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Author Shailendra writes on 25th March 2017

For me weekends are like the bed of roses.

Author Yasnine writes on 14th April 2017

It is easy as pie 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁;-);-);-);-);-)

Author Praveen Kumar Reddy writes on 20th January 2017

Whenever we take a bold decisions, whether it is comes a bed of roses or not.

Author Arshdeep writes on 23rd November 2016

Life with parents is bed of roses.

Author Hannah writes on 24th August 2016

Love is a bed of roses.

Author Archana Kapoor writes on 5th March 2016

One of my fav idioms! :-)

Cheers, Archana

Author Shahid King writes on 20th February 2016

life is not a bed of roses

Author Kingbelton writes on 7th December 2015

i do to its great

Author Ankit Yadav writes on 4th December 2015

Happy position

Author Shobhna writes on 30th November 2015

Don’t run away from your problems, life is not always the bed of roses

Author Dhairya writes on 20th March 2016

Good, I love to read about this cute idiom.

Author sekhothoi writes on 23rd June 2015

Woww…..i like your definition.

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