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brought forward

brought forward


  • to bring forth
  • to carry forward
  • to bring something in front (could be facts or figures too)

Example Sentences

  1. The meeting has been brought forward by the board and we have to start preparing for it right away.
  2. I have brought forward a proposal for you to consider. I’ve emailed the details to you and would appreciate a prompt response.
  3. She brings forward these crazy ideas which actually see to work in the advertising world.
  4. My bother has brought forward the truth about that guy’s character. I never want to meet him again.
  5. I cannot bring forward what has happened that day, it is all too embarrassing.
  6. The teacher brought forward a perfect example of how the homework was to be done.
  7. Can you bring forward the poster which you spoke about? It is supposed to be an evidence in the case, isn’t it?


The phrase comes from the legal world where evidence is “brought forward” in order to come to a better understanding of the case and eventually come to a conclusion. It is used in parlance in all parts of the world and is in fact sometimes not seen as a phrase but just as a way of speaking.

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