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cloud nine

cloud nine
Meaning: be very happy.
Example: She’s been on cloud nine since she heard the news of her engagement.

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  • Expression: Kanav writes on 22 March, 2017

    I am on cloud nine hey do you know who am i i am the richest person in world bill gates. Hey Micheal Rinker you are nice once i was also doing like this only but after i am co founder of Microsoft richest man on earth. Really i have all web sites like wiki and etc but i had this website nice and the best please i want to meat you so please give your phone no. Who had made it this message is from bill gates but it seems like order.

  • Expression: Michayla Rinker writes on 28 October, 2016

    Well today I am not on cloud nine, I am down in the dumps today and I can be more on Cloud nine when I get to go home from school for the weekend and stop worrying over my final exams in high school.

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