Idioms related to Doubt

you bet
you bet Meaning for sure most certainly without any doubt to agree completely to express agreement yes, of course Example Sentences The manager will pull this deal off. ... Read on
doubting Thomas
doubting Thomas Meaning: – habitually doubtful person – a person who refuses to believe anything until they are given proof Examples: 1. He’s such a doubting Thomas that ... Read on
beyond a shadow of doubt
beyond a shadow of doubt Meaning to be certain about something’s validity to be true or legitimate to be (something) without any doubt about it indubitably Example Sentences ... Read on
get to the bottom
get to the bottom Meaning to find out the truth relating to a situation to uncover what exactly happened to reveal facts through investigation Example Sentences The murderer ... Read on
give the benefit of the doubt
give the benefit of the doubt Meaning: regards somebody as innocent until proven otherwise. Example: Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is ... Read on

Idiom of the Day

don’t give up the day job
don’t give up the day job Meaning: a usually humorous way of telling someone not to pursue something full time as he or she is not good at ... Read on



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