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having a crush

having a crush on


  • infatuated with someone
  • have strong feelings of love for someone
  • have romantic feelings for a person, usually for a short time and with no results
  • a brief but intense feeling of love for someone

Example Sentences

  1. I think Steve has a crush on our new English teacher; he always looks forward to her classes and even goes to ask questions after classes, though he actually doesn’t need to.
  2. When I was young, I had a big crush on one of the top actresses of our times; I even had posters of her all over my room.
  3. Teenagers usually have a crush on famous personalities – film stars, celebrities, sportspersons – as they grow older, they outgrow these fantasies.
  4. Elvis Presley was a huge star of his time, he was so popular that a whole generation of young women had a huge crush on him.
  5. My niece told me that she has a crush on the new boy in her class – she found her very cute and attractive.
  6. After being spurned twice, Sally said she would never have a crush on anyone again.
  7. My sister thinks she has a crush on my best friend.
  8. Joe is the athletics champion of our school, and and many girls have a crush on him.

The origin of the idiom is not known.

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  • Expression: Anmol Walia writes on 2 January, 2017

    I think its true every one in life get crush. I also have crush on my classmate. I tell this to friends. I real like him.
    – Anmol Walia

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