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in deep water

in deep water
Meaning: in difficulty, in problem.
Example: I’m going to be in deep water if my boss refuses to approve the project done by me after the hard work of a week.

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  • Expression: Dawn writes on 22 January, 2017

    The information on Google for this idiom and others I’ve seen states that you provide the origin. You do not. It is misleading and frustrating as I’m trying to give information for my students in class. I suggest you update this so as not to provide misinformation.

    • Expression: Idioms Inc. writes on 27 January, 2017

      We are really sorry for inconvenience dear Dawn.
      We always try our best to bring our user the maximum information about every idiom. Our contributors and authors couldn’t find much about “in deep water” phrase, that’s why it looks incomplete.

      Idioms Inc. Team

  • Expression: akash writes on 15 February, 2014

    it is so useful

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