lose your touch

lose your touch


  • lose the ability to do something as well as before
  • no longer able to handle something
  • lose the talent or skill in something

Example Sentences

  1. He was once a great player, but with age, he has lost his touch.
  2. She seems to have lost her touch managing children; they don’t listen to her anymore.
  3. I can no longer sing like that. I’ve lost my touch since I had an infection years back.
  4. Its good to see that even after all these years, the performer has not lost his touch.
  5. You may have the talent, but if you do not practice enough, you will lose your touch someday.
  6. He used to be an outstanding orator, but he has lost his touch following his illness.
  7. That was a great performance. You have not lost your touch at all.
  8. The star player said he wanted to retire at the top of his game, before he lost his touch.

The origin of this phrase is not clear.

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