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rain cats and dogs

rain cats and dogs
Meaning: rain very heavily.
Example: It was raining cats and dogs so all flights were cancelled and I could not reach in time to my native town to join the marriage ceremony of my brother.

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  • Expression: Sania Savani writes on 2 April, 2017

    There should be more example.

  • Expression: Sahiran writes on 7 February, 2017

    Can anyone tell a story on it.

  • Expression: Monque writes on 28 March, 2015

    Haha, This is actually funny because when it rains really bad my kids say mommy it is raining like cats and dogs and I say what’s that mean they say it is raining really like as if there really were cats and dogs I just seen this website and I will definitely show my son and daughter this they will love it thank you so much and I hope you guys can come up with more and powerful and inspiring things thank you <3

    Monique Fleming

    • Expression: Shadha writes on 25 October, 2016

      Now only I came to know what is this idiom is about, thanks for showing me this meaning.

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