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run amok (amuck)

run amok

also run amuck


  • act in a wild or dangerous manner
  • go in a frenzy
  • be out of control
  • behave in an unrestrained or unruly manner
  • go crazy

Example Sentences

  1. When the police arrived, they were confronted with a group of protesters running amuck in the lanes of the old town.
  2. With the teacher absent, the children were running amok in their class, upsetting the furniture and creating a mess.
  3. The mob entered the building and ran amok, disrupting everything and leaving behind chaos in their wake.
  4. With no clear directions in place, the crowd ran amok at the show.
  5. While having a class party, the students ran amok at the club.
  6. Armed with a knife, the deranged man ran amok at the generally peaceful neighbourhood.
  7. Presented with irresistible deals, the shoppers were running amuck at the store.
  8. The terrified crowd ran amok all the over the place when they the sound of an explosion nearby.
  9. They totured that huge bull so bad and finally he ran amuck.

The phrase originated from the Southeast Asian term amok (spelled amuk, amuck, amuco), which meant a murderous frenzy or rage. It referred to the Amuco warriors of Malaysia and Java, who were fierce in their battles and preferred death over surrender. “Amuck” is an older spelling and less used now, “amok” being the more modern spelling.

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