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sick as a dog
as sick as a dog Meaning To be very sick. The phrase refers to being in a state that is very unpleasant. Example Sentences You should not go ... Read on
stir up a hornet’s nest
stir up a hornet’s nest Meaning It means to cause an upheaval. A commotion which possibly ends in anger and frustration. Example Sentences When the auditor asked for ... Read on
sit tight
sit tight Meaning wait patiently wait and take no action stay where you are take no action till something happens wait until further notice Example Sentences Just relax ... Read on
scratch back
scratch back also you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours Meaning do someone a favour hoping that a favour will be returned help someone with something difficult, ... Read on
smell a rat
smell a rat Meaning: sense that something is not right suspect trickery or deception realize that something is not as supposed to be suspect that something wrong is happening ... Read on
spitting image
spitting image Meaning: look exactly like someone else precise resemblance person who strongly resembles another look extremely similar to someone Example: My sister is the spitting image of ... Read on
set in ways
set in ways also fixed in ways Meaning: leading a fixed lifestyle do things the same way every time not wanting to change habit or routine living according to own ... Read on
stone’s throw
stone’s throw Usage: a stone’s throw away Meaning: a short distance very near very close to something Example: His workplace is a stone’s throw away from his home. ... Read on
sell someone out
sell someone out Meaning: to betray someone to let someone’s secret out to reveal damaging information about someone Example: The company had put a lot of trust on ... Read on
shoot from the hip
shoot from the hip Meaning: speak directly or bluntly, without caring for consequences react quickly or impulsively act recklessly, without considering the effects Example: Even if you don’t ... Read on

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come up with
come up with Meaning to find a new thought usually referred to ideas and referred with the name of the person who produced it Example Sentences The team ... Read on



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