set or put the cat among the pigeons

set or put the cat among the pigeons
Meaning: do or say something that causes trouble and make a lot of people angry or worried.
Example: The information of deducting 15% of salary packages of all the employees of York Electronics company set the cat among the pigeons and many employees started resigning immediately and joining the competitor company.

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Author EY writes on 9th June 2017

The way Indian bowlers bowled and spoiled the beauty of the match against Sri Lanka set a cat among the Pigeons.

Author Surinder Singh writes on 18th January 2017

Stil I don’t understand the meaning of this idiom.

Author ITZAYANA MARTINEZ writes on 10th July 2015

I would like to add 2 examples.

1. The manager set the cat among the pigeons when he told the employees that they would have to work over the weekend.

2. You might set the cat among the pigeons if you tell the children that you destroyed their toys.

Author emma francis writes on 15th October 2014

john’s bad behavior in class set the cat among the pigeons

Author Santosh writes on 10th March 2014

I would like to add an example.

The minister’s remarks about godmen set the cat among the pigeons.

Author Team writes on 23rd April 2014

Thank you very much Santosh, for your contribution.

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