Idioms related to Success

cut the mustard
cut the mustard Meaning: to succeed to come up to expectations to be competent enough to be adequate enough to participate or compete to be up to the ... Read on
yesterday’s man
yesterday’s man Meaning: someone especially a politician whose career is finished someone who has passed the peak of his or her career Example: The officer is retiring from ... Read on
stand a chance
stand a chance Meaning: have a possibility or a hope of success. Example: If funding by government is withdrawn, small minority schools in remote northern area, don’t stand ... Read on
the brains behind
the brains behind Meaning: be the person who plans and organizes something, especially something successful. Example: She was the brains behind many of the UK. government initiatives.
make it big
make it big Meaning become very successful or famous to be extremely successful financially to flourish in life and become prominent used to express admiration for other’s success ... Read on
burst the bubble
burst the bubble or bubble burst Meaning: sudden end of a very happy or successful period. Example 1: The economic strength of India was booming and then the ... Read on
a blind alley
a blind alley Meaning: a dead end; a position without hope of progress or success. Example: The latest scientific theory may turn out to be a blind alley.
go with a bang
go with a bang Meaning: very exciting and successful. Example: We take part in the events organized by Jack and Rose Events Company, because they go with a ... Read on
in the ascendant
in the ascendant Meaning to become more powerful on the rise to becoming more influential or more successful to steadily increase usually used positively to denote growth of ... Read on
alive and kicking
alive and kicking Meaning lively and active continue to live or exist and be full of energy well and healthy vigorously active and doing well to continue to ... Read on

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don’t give up the day job
don’t give up the day job Meaning: a usually humorous way of telling someone not to pursue something full time as he or she is not good at ... Read on



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