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take into account

take into account


  • bear in mind
  • consider
  • allow for
  • remember to include something in one’s calculations
  • to consider something while a situation

Example Sentences

  1. I hope my teacher will take into account the fact that I was ill just before the examination when he evaluates my test paper.
  2. I hope they take her age into account when they judge her work.
  3. My new boss is so bad that he does never take into account of my extra hours of work, that’s why I need to change my job now.
  4. According to the Sikhism and Buddhism, your Karmas (acts) will be taken into account to decide that where to send your soul and whether you will be reborn or get the Moksha.
  5. The hazards and troubles of nuclear power system should be taken into account not just to see one side of energy production through it.
  6. The victory of the war was not only because of the good strategy of the king, but the brave soldier and usage of better weapons should be taken into account also.
  7. Take her love into account too, don’t just blame her for the jealousy otherwise you will lost your true love forever.

Currently, we do not have any information about the origin of “take into account” idiom. :(

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  • Expression: Bob writes on 6 May, 2015

    This can be used in conclusion letter:

    In conclusion, by taking both points of view into account, I believe that/I suggest that/I would say that…….

  • Expression: Muhavara Gyani writes on 3 February, 2013

    I love idioms

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