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tickled pink

tickled pink


  • excited and happy
  • very much pleased
  • delighted


  1. His wife was tickled pink when he sent her flowers and gifts at work for no reason.
  2. He was tickled pink when his old friend called him up to wish him on his birthday.
  3. She was tickled pink when her painting was selected for the top prize at the competition.
  4. When the retiring teacher received many messages from his former students, he was tickled pink that they still remembered him and cared to send him their wishes.
  5. The children were tickled pink when they were taken for a camping trip.
  6. His parents were tickled pink when he told them that he was taking them for a vacation.
  7. The employees were tickled pink when the company announced a fat bonus for everyone.
  8. We were tickled pink when the guests complemented us on our new house.

This phrase originated in America in the early 1900s.

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