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wash dirty linen in public

wash dirty linen in public


  • discuss publicly matters that one should keep private
  • to discuss in public one’s private scandals, disagreements, or difficulties
  • to unveil private problems with public


  1. She decided not to take the family dispute to court as she feared it would only lead to a lot of washing of dirty linen in public.
  2. Listen, our relationship may have real problems, but it’s unfortunate that you have chosen to wash our dirty linen in public.
  3. My parents taught me not to wash my dirty laundry in public that the reason I only discusses private issues with family.
  4. I never understand why you wash all your dirty linen in public in your group discussions.

before 900; Middle English lin ( n ) en (noun, adj.), Old English linnen, līnen (adj.) made of flax, equivalent to līn flax (< Latin līnum; see line2 ) + -en -en2.

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