Idioms beginning with Y

you bet
you bet Meaning for sure most certainly without any doubt to agree completely to express agreement yes, of course Example Sentences The manager will pull this deal off. ... Read on
you’ve got to be kidding
you’ve got to be kidding Meaning implies that something that someone said is a joke used when you are very surprised by what someone has said and that ... Read on
young blood
young blood Meaning new members that provide various new schemes and ideas for the organization a young member, or group of members who are brave and more inclined to ... Read on
you can say that again
you can say that again Meaning used to agree with another person or group of people used to express accordance with another person’s views Example Sentences She said, ... Read on
you know better than that
you know better than that Meaning used to express disappointment when someone makes a mistake which they probably shouldn’t have used to show disapproval of someone’s actions Example Sentences ... Read on
you wish
you wish Meaning used to make a sardonic comment implies that something will most likely not happen used to state to someone that what they have been expecting ... Read on
you can’t win them all
you can’t win them all Meaning indicates the reality that it is not possible to always succeed failure is inevitable and is bound to happen implies that it ... Read on
you’ve made your bed
you’ve made your bed, now lie in it or you’ve made your bed , you’ll have to lie in it Meaning to make a decision and to accept ... Read on
yes man
yes man Meaning a person who only agrees with the crowd or a group of people in order to please them or look good in front of them ... Read on
your call
your call Meaning to leave a decision on  another person when someone else takes the final call of what has to be done or decides the same when ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

chip off the old block
chip off the old block Meaning: similar to one’s parents in behavior, character or personality. Example: Same like his brother, he is a chip off the old block, very ... Read on



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