Idioms beginning with Z

zip your lip
zip your lip Meaning to stop talking to stay calm to stay hush to remain secret or silent Example Sentences Why don’t you just zip your lip, I am ... Read on
zenith of career or life
zenith of career or life Meaning the highest pinnacle of a person’s career or life the apex of a person’s career or life Example Sentences The birth of his ... Read on
zero hour
zero hour Meaning: the particular time when any crucial act supposed to take place. Example: Right before the dawn, the British military had been waiting for zero hour ... Read on
zonk out
zonk out Meaning: to fall asleep very promptly. Example: After a great hard working day, she zonked out.

Idiom of the Day

come up with
come up with Meaning to find a new thought usually referred to ideas and referred with the name of the person who produced it Example Sentences The team ... Read on



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